Materials, Color & Design

Some of the most popular woods I use are solid Oak, Alder, Cherry, Walnut, Maple & Mahogany.    I use 1/4" wood facing material for cabinet refacing.  Variations of decorative crowns and trims can be used to enhance the finished Kitchen or Bathroom.  We finish all wood materials in-house with  Kelly Moore stains and lacquers.  We can choose the perfect stain to match your dream Kitchen, Bathroom, etc..

Wood may vary from lights to darks depending on type of wood & color of stain.  CIU has no control over natural characteristics of wood imperfections, such as grain.  Cleaning & Care described below.

I use Ciminos Cabinet Doors for my my Door & Drawer Front material.  Go to the Catalog link below to view samples of different Door Designs & Edges available.

Door Catalog


Formica & Wilson Art has a variety of Colors and Styles to choose from for your Counter Top needs.

Formica Wood Grain Laminate     Formica Pattern Laminate    Formica Solid Color Laminate

Wilson Art Standard Designs    Wilson Art Factory Specials


For care and longevity of your cabinets, it is important to keep up your wood.  I suggest Old English products.  Using the Furniture Polish dusting spray for the everyday type cleaning and the Lemon Oil for conditioning about every three (3) months.  Do Not clean with water or solutions that break away the lacquer finish.  Do not use abrasive surfaces when cleaning your wood surfaces; use only soft cloths.  If water falls onto the wood, it is imperative to wipe dry immediately as water will destroy the finish and wood over time.  So take extra caution near sinks and upper cabinets where coffee maker steam, etc. can affect your finish. 


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